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Small Vineyard, Big Flavors

Growing in the Lake Chelan AVA since 2006

At Wild Rose Vineyards we believe that the perfect wine is the wine you love, and it pairs best with a great night with friends and family. We are a small family vineyard, managed and owned by a brother and brother-in-law, and one of their wives/the other's sister. The other night we were chatting over a glass, and Mikael was being pushy about wanting tempranillo (like her exchange in Spain wasn’t over 20 years ago) and the guys were pushing back that we have enough to do with the grapes we already have planted. The whites needed focus and nine acres planted was plenty. And it never occurred to any of us to just BUY the grapes because we’re clearly control freaks. Which is really our mothers’ faults. What is our fault is obsessing about the flavors - bold reds and dry, fruity white wines. It’d be a little crowded if you all joined us in our normal gathering spot, Bill and Mikael’s kitchen, to try out our wine so let us bring these to you. We are excited to share each bottle with you and your family, and know they will pair with your favorite memories, just as they pair with ours.

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