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Family Album

What started like any other startup...

David Johnson started making wine with his cousin in a garage in Bellevue. Their love of art and science collided and become some amazing wine. This fun pastime quickly became a dream - owning a vineyard.

Dave's dream became a reality when he bought land in Manson, WA in 2005. Choosing Manson was a no brainer. His Dad's family has been vacationing here since the 1950's, back when camping on Wapato Point cost $0.50/day. The Chelan Valley is very similar to Northern Italy: hot summers, cold winters, perfect for making the well balanced wine we love so much. Growing grapes in one of the family's favorite places sounded like a dream's dream. When Dave’s dad, Eric Johnson, retired from flying in 2007, it was that much easier to convince him to join the adventure and help take care of the grapes. And Wild Rose Vineyards was born. 

Over the next 11 years, Eric and Dave worked on perfecting their craft, selling excess grapes and liquid to other WA wineries along the way. In 2018, Eric was ready for his second retirement, and Bill, Dave’s brother-in-law, was looking for his next challenge after spending three years as a stay-at-home dad. Bill was looking for something to leverage his unique experiences, ranging from owning a bar to working as a contractor, that oddly prepared him for just these three businesses - vineyard, winery and now, retail store front. After discussing it over a dinner of paleo spaghetti, Bill, his wife, Mikael, were all in. Three months later, they’d moved their daughter and dog 190 miles, and Bill found himself working in the vineyard and opening Wild Rose's first tasting room, ready to share the first bottles with you, our friends and neighbors.

With the help of his extended family (us), Dave's dream has finally become a reality. As a family, we believe wine is for all occasions: because you just got that promotion, because you fell off your bike and need a pick me up, because it's a random Tuesday night, and everything in between. Wine's for always and for all people. We hope you enjoy our wine for all your moments.

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