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Mikael's oven

Meet Mikael Scott



Mikael Scott nee Johnson doesn't take very many things seriously. Life should be a series of amusements. But she does seriously love to bake, she does seriously love a deal, she does seriously love a good "discussion," and she does seriously love wine.

When she's not laboring as a product manager for a large tech company, she can be found baking. She doesn't discriminate - breads, cakes, pies, souffles, quiches, cookies or pizzas, if she can use the professional level mixer she got (on sale!), she is in! And part of the fun at the end is figuring out which wine would pair best with whatever concoction has come out of the oven. Now she's excited to share her results with you - good and bad (sometimes, the "do NOT pair this" is just as vital as the "pair THIS" comments). She's normally helped out in the kitchen by her daughter, unless there's chocolate or anything not involving copious amounts of sugar.

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