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Meritage & Cherry Compote Cheesecake

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Umm...did I mention my quarantine baking came late? I was so slammed with my day job that I didn't get to the bread part of quarantine that everyone else enjoyed. When it did hit back in July, I skipped straight to deserts. I was also way into our 2014 Meritage at the time (well, at this time, too), and I had one rule: the baked good had to be hard. I didn't even have to want to eat it. It's fitting, I think that I share this with you on national desert day.I made this water bath cheeseake, bought some local cherries and made this cherry compote. When my fingers were no longer died red, I poured myself a glass of Meritage and enjoyed a slice. The cheesecake sat on top of my mouth, while the wine seemed to clean up around the sides.

Normally, the depths of a red bordeaux blend like Meritage would not be a desert wine, but this Meritage just keeps on giving. I triple checked with some neighbors, forcing them to eat the cheesecake and drink the wine ("Yes, yes, they go well together," and, "Don't leave the whole cheesecake here, for the love of god."). It would seem that even in the heat of summer, the sweet cherry tones are highlighted and balance well with a top heavy desert like cheesecake. Num!

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