One Man's Dream Became A Family's Passion

David Johnson started making wine with his cousin in a garage in Bellevue.  Their love of art and science collided to become some amazing wine.  This fun pastime quickly became a dream - owning a vineyard.

David's dream became a reality when he bought land in Manson, WA in 2005, and planted in 2006. Choosing Manson was a no brainer.  The Chelan valley is very similar to Northern Italy and the Johnson family has been vacationing there since the 1950's, back when camping on Wapato point cost $0.50/day. Growing grapes in one of the family's favorite places sounded like a dream's dream. 

Eric Johnson, David's father, retired from flying in 2007, to spend more time helping his son grow grapes, and Wild Rose Vineyards was born. They focused on growing the best grapes to make the wines they and their family love best - deep, rich, complex reds and floral, subtle whites. They spent the following 11 years perfecting their wine making, selling excess grapes and some of their liquid to other WA wineries.

Enter Bill, stage left.  In 2018, Eric was headed to his second retirement. Bill Scott, David's brother-in-law, was looking for his next challenge after spending 3 years as a stay at home dad.  His toddler was headed to pre-school and he wanted to find something that allowed him to leverage his unique experiences. After discussing it over a dinner of paleo spaghetti, Bill and his family decided to jump head first into the business and threw in with David.  Three months later, they'd moved 170 miles for Bill to work full time on the vineyard, winery and help launch the tasting room.

With the help of his extended family, David's dream is finally becoming a reality.  The Johnson family is very excited to share the wine they've enjoyed as a family with you, their friends and neighbors.

pre·ten·tious  /prəˈten(t)SHəs/

attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

wild rose vineyards /wild rose vineyards/


sooooo not pretentious, seriously, not even a little bit

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